Sustainability Mandate

The Company’s mission is to explore and develop metals that are vital to addressing global air pollution and climate change and their use will increase sustainability in the near future.

For Clean Air Metals, sustainability means ensuring that our business is fully and transparently accountable for social, environmental and economic management of risks and opportunities. At Clean Air Metals, sustainability means adopting leading industry standards for the management of health, safety, and the environment, transparently engaging with local communities and stakeholders, treating those with whom we work with respect, and creating a workplace where employees are valued, engaged and encouraged to succeed.

Acting sustainably provides a strategic advantage, aligning the company with its stakeholders’ values, by balancing social, environmental health and safety and economic considerations in our business practices.

Clean Air Metals pledges integrity and meaningful consultation with First Nation communities, as the advanced exploration unfolds on the Company’s properties and projects.

  • Sustainability Committee Mandate

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